Click Clack Goes The Toddler

toddler in heels

My two older girls love to play dress-up. They are constantly changing outfits! This is very cute, although it can be annoying when I think we’re all dressed and ready to go to school, and I turn around to see my middle child out of her clothes and in a glittery Cinderella gown – which of course she will refuse to take off.

Princess dresses, their own clothes, you name it. They change constantly. They are experts at walking in dress-up heels, but even more impressively, they are pretty good at walking in my stilettos. I let them do it, but at what age will they learn that they just can’t kick off Jimmy Choos haphazardly the way they do with their own Gap flats? It’s just not the same – RESPECT the shoes, I try to teach them. Yeah right. Watching them giggle as they prance around in Mommy’s shoes gives me such inner delight, so I let them do it anyway.

My older daughter no longer just waltzes around in my shoes, she has somehow learned to pose, as well. She struts down the hallway like it’s her own personal runway, and she stops to pose every few steps. At only four years old she has already decided that she wants to be a fashion designer (amongst some other career choices, as well – pop star, and chef). In fact, when I picked her up from pre-school today, she said that she told her friends at lunch that she was going to go to fashion school. Let’s just hope she keeps her amazing drive past the age of five!

For now, it’s cute watching them have fun with my shoes. They’d just better back off once they become teenagers – I have a feeling I will never get my beloved heels back from them at that age, right?


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