Dance And Twirl Little Girl

i_love_twirling_pajamasSo – Let’s talk birthday parties. When my oldest daughter’s first birthday rolled around, it was a huge huge huge deal. I planned an extravaganza. Her second birthday was pretty close, and even my second daughter’s first birthday was quite the bash. But then, as more and more birthday parties rolled around the corner, I wanted to hide. The excitement had died down a bit, and to be honest, planning them just became too exhausting!

We have a third birthday rolling around the corner. I just now decided that I’d better open my eyes to and start thinking about doing something. Here, venues book up pretty quickly, so I had to get myself in gear and get moving, at least a little bit.

Like a lot of little girls, she is very into Frozen. She loves Anna and Elsa. Unlike most, though, Anna is her favorite. She also loves girly things, like doing her nails. While I would typically do a party at our house, having one somewhere else is a lot less work (and we have a first birthday party coming up just a month after this one).

Today, I took her to a fabulous kids’ nail salon and spa I had heard about to see if she would like to have her party there. Of course, we were running late for our appointment, as we usually are these days. As a side note, my pre-mommy self was never late to anything. Sigh.

Fortunately, my Mommy instincts were right. She was in heaven. She squealed (literally!) with delight when she saw the sparkles everywhere. She sat in every chair. And then she saw – the sparkly stage. Heaven. With music playing, she danced and twirled… and danced and danced some more. This little girl was having the time of her live and did not want to leave. As much as I pretended to try to get her to get off the stage so the shop owner could get back to her duties, I was enjoying her blissful state far too much to prod her too much. It was amazing. Of course, we are having her party there. It will be some kind of girly spa Frozen theme. Stay tuned for the planning details and then picture from the party.

Next step – who to invite. That is a whole discussion onto itself.

Regardless, I hope my little girl continues to dance and twirl her heart out – forever.


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