Hair Mishap – Just Let It Go


frozen else hair clipSo, those of you with little girls will probably sympathize. At the end of a long day, you are getting ready for bed, are brushing your teeth, and then – whoops, you notice that you have one of your kids’ barrettes, bows, headbands, etc. in your hair. (Bonus points if it’s made of tulle, has rhinestones or has glitter!) This has happened many times, but today, it wasn’t just a cute little bow, it was a super sparkly Frozen barrette. Sweet. I had no idea! How many hours did I have this in my hair? At first, I giggle. Then I wonder, did I have any really important meetings today? Hmmm. And of course, I still have mommy brain, so I can’t even remember. Aahh, whatever… What’s a little extra sparkle anyway?


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