New Toddler Clothes – So Excited

richie house toddler dressPre-kids, I loved shopping for clothes. Don’t get me wrong, I still do, although somehow I still find my closet to be mostly full of 5-years ago, totally out of style items. My girls’ closets, on the other hand, are the opposite. I love finding cute new additions to their wardrobes. Especially things that the entire pre-school class doesn’t have. I like unique, but pretty.

This is my latest find. It’s a super cute polka dot toddler dress by Richie House. A cute flower embellishment gives it a little extra something, too. And, I love the soft color. It definitely appears to run small, though, so maybe we will use it as a top… or a dress for my 9 month old. Plus, while most kids prefer to get toys (and of course, so do mine), my girls’ faces light up with so much excitement whenever I bring home a new outfit or accessory for them. They are absolutely mini-fashionistas. Wonder where they get that from!

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