What The Girls Wore Today

On most days, including today, the girls dress themselves. In the morning, I find that sometime during the night, or who knows when, they choose their outfits for the next day, and neatly lay them on their chairs. This is what they selected to wear today. Hailey (on the left) is wearing a sheer ivory top from the Gap that looks like something I would wear. I honestly wish this came in my size! She paired it with hot pink leggings Ella Moss and silver ankle strap shoes. And of course, she loves accessories as much as I do, so she finished it off with a necklace.

Ashley, my too-cute 2 1/2 year old, chose a color file striped sundress. I did have her put the sweater on, since it was a little chilly this morning. She chose her Mini Melissa shoes. She loves these shoes. They are cute, easy to put on, and they smell fruity. She is constantly telling people to smell her shoes… I do get some strange looks. And she topped it all off with a princess tiara – like there’s any need for explanation here!

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