Silly Mommy Dilemma

jonathan adler barbie dolljonathan adler barbie sofaYes, I am a mommy, but I’m also a lover of many things, including home design and decor. Several years ago (pre-kids!), I was so excited to learn that one of my favorite interior designers, Jonathan Adler, was creating furniture and accessories for Barbie.

I was not a Barbie collector, but like I said, I was a huge JA fan, so I just had to have them. I got both the Barbie doll, complete with nightstand, lacquered tray and lamp, as well as the cute sofa with throw and pillows. These were mini-sized versions of his real-life, drool-worthy creations. I had been storing these for a while, unsure if I should take them out of their boxes, or save them to perhaps sell in the future.

Now that I have three little girls, and two of them that are very into Barbie, I had been contemplating whether or not to actually open the boxes to let the girls play with them, or to keep them pristine in their boxes. I was debating back and forth for months. Every time I would show Hailey and Ashley the furniture, they would get so excited. I suppose, it was all a big tease for them.

This morning, I broke down. I decided to let them enjoy the Jonathan Adler beauties. I ripped open the JA Barbie sofa box – almost with as much excitement as the girls were feeling themselves. Yes, sometimes I do feel like a three or four-year-old myself! The Jonathan Adler sofa is now sitting pretty in their dollhouse with a Barbie and Prince Eric doll perfectly perched on top. I definitely made the right decision. Mommy win for today!

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