Third Child Syndrome


Any mom with more than one child will tell you that things were different when they just had one. Namely, second children, and in my case, third, tend to get the short end of the stick. Fortunately, or so we moms hope, they won’t know the difference!

When Hailey (my oldest) was a baby, I took her to every class ever under the sun. We were in two mommy-and-me classes (best thing ever, by the way), we tried music classes, sensory classes, baby gym classes, baby yoga, and had countless play dates with other babies her age. Then came Ashley. I didn’t want her to miss out, so I took a mommy-and-me class with her, took her to a couple of one-day classes here and there, and that was about it until she was a toddler.

Now, Amanda is nine months old. She is a third child, which basically means that she barely leaves the house. No classes, no play dates, nada. And since she has two older sisters, she will probably skip right over Elmo and jump straight to Barbie and play makeup. I can tell that she already thinks she is almost as old as her sisters.

Yesterday, I took her to her first class. It was a sensory class that we were a little late for since it always takes longer than I plan for to pile three kids into the car (they and their daddy wanted to get out of the house, too). When we arrived, I realized that she has never been with babies her own age. She was so curious. She went up to many of them, tried to touch them, and enjoyed watching them.

She was delighted by everything. She loved the songs, was so excited by the balls, and was mesmerized by the starry lights. It was fantastic for both of us. Hopefully, she won’t feel neglected, but I am definitely taking her back to the class again. She is a third child, and it is what it is, but I still love to see her little face light up. Best thing ever.

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