Little Bows On Little Toes

Baby shoesThere is something so deliciously scrumptious about baby feet in cute little baby shoes. I see non-walking babies in little shoes all the time. Cute cute cute. These patent leather ballerina flats with little tulle bows are from Baby Gap.

Clearly, I just couldn’t help myself. They were originally Hailey’s. She wore them a few times, but her feet were still tiny when she started walking. Then I passed them on to Ashley. She never wore them. Now they are Amanda’s. She just turned 9 months, and isn’t walking, but I just had to try them on her little feet, at least for a picture. Just like Ashley, she won’t wear them, unless she all of a sudden decides to start walking this week. Baby shoes are adorable, but are only really good for looking cute on a shelf. When Amanda starts walking in a few months, then I will really get to teach her the art of shoe shopping. For now, we just play with them.

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