Preschool Bliss

preschool bliss

This is the first year that I have two kids in the same school, and with the same schedule. Hallelujah! It is fantastic. I drop them off at the same time (and at the same place!), and pick them both up together. I know I had better enjoy this year. Next year, Hailey starts Kindergarten. I will have three kids in different places, and all with different schedules.

Not only that, but Kindergarten starts a lot earlier than preschool. I can barely make it to school on time as it is. How in the world am I going to get everyone ready earlier, drop one kid off at one school, then head over to the next school, all with a baby in tow? I can already predict the calls from the school scolding me for being late. Of course, I will try my best to be on time, but no promises. I could probably get up at two in the morning, and still be late. Getting three little kids in the morning… Isn’t there a special hall pass for situations like this? I’ll  suppose I’ll just enjoy preschool bliss while I can.

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