Tired Mommy

tired mommy

Between taking care of three little girls, a husband, a house, and working at Sweet Spun Beauty, let’s just say that I’m tired. Actually, tired is an understatement.

I get excited by the idea of going out and having an adults-only evening. A few nights ago, my husband and I were getting ready to go out to a nice dinner at The Little Door on West 3rd Street. I got all dressed up, and jumped into the car with excitement. The Little Door is a beautifully romantic restaurant. Twinkly lights above our heads and delicious food bursting with new flavors. As much as I would like to say that I was super spunky and ready to go out dancing afterwards, after all, we had a sitter! I was so tired, I could barely keep my eyes open, let alone hold my head up by the time dessert came. As much as I love going out, next weekend, a night in with takeout and a movie rental may be my best bet.

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