Benefit Cosmetics Fake Up

Benefit Cosmetics Fake Up Concealer

Being a mommy of three little girls is exhausting. Being a mommy to two or even to one little one is so tiring, too. I remember. And I don’t mean tired as in a little extra yawn here and there. I mean utterly beyond drained. All. The. Time.

To fake wake up my tired-looking self, I decided an under eye concealer would be a great tool. I am a big fan of Fake Up by Benefit Cosmetics. It comes in three shades to match your skin tone. Each easily-blendable color is surrounded by a moisturizer, to not only brighten your face, but to also keep your skin hydrated, keeping your skin looking and feeling extra fantastic. Plus, the tube is so easy to use – it works just like a lipstick. No need for a brush. Your finger is your best tool here. Super easy and great results. No time for a nap? No problem. Fake Up to the rescue.

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