Just Say Noh To Play Doh

I am just going to put it out there – I hate Play Doh. I know it’s a great for sensory play, helps with creativity, etc. But, ugh, it’s just such a mess. Since I know that it does have great learning benefits, I actually do love that the girls get to play with it at school. Just not at home please. play doh

We were recently given a couple of Play Doh sets. I always appreciate the thought, but before I could take them away, the boxes had been opened. I get it – Play Doh is fun. It’s squishy, colorful, and often comes with enticing tools. We got a Sophia set and an Ariel set. Yes, they even looked like fun to me.

Soon, all the colors were mashed together. Hundreds of Play Doh bits were all over the floor. Baby Amanda had eaten a small round purple piece. I know it sort of resembled her organic blueberry puffs, but um, not quite. Cleaning it up is a project. And little reminders will probably be hiding on my kitchen floor for weeks.

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