My 2-Year-Old Thinks She’s A Teenager

toddler purseAshley is two. True, she will be three in a few months, but still… For now, she’s still two. Aside from a few tantrums here and there, she is actually a teenager trapped in a toddler’s body. Especially when it comes to clothes. This little girl takes choosing her outfit very seriously each day. Most of the time, she chooses dresses. Always a headband of some sort, if not a tiara. And of course, a purse. Yes, little Ashley brings a purse to school (or anywhere else we’re going). She walks with her purse like she has been doing so for years. Her head is held high as she struts with more confidence than Madonna.

What’s on her arm, you might ask? No, it’s not dirt. It’s faded temporary tattoos. She often looks like a biker with princess tattoos up and down both arms. She already knows – no real ones when she’s older!

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