Piles And Piles

womens wear dailyYes, my job is so much fun. I get to look at skin care and beauty samples, come up with fun packaging ideas and connect with customers. Part of my job is to keep up with trends. Fashion and beauty are intertwined, so I try to read as many publications as possible. Since I’m stretched a bit thin these days as a working mommy, I am finding that things are piling up higher and higher. Did I mention that I hate clutter? Not that this is really clutter, but as much as I would love to get through everything in a day, I simply cannot find a way. Each day, my to-do list is long, and only gets completely checked off on occasion. And this is just at the office… Forget about at home.

I have piles of fashion and home decor magazines at home that I will probably never get through. Not to mention books that I really do want to read. Sure, the playroom gets cleaned (most days). The dishes get put away (usually), and the kids get fed and are happy, so I guess I should just let it go. I will never get through everything, as much as I will still continue to try.

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