The Cutest Ruffled Puffer

ruffled puffer coat kidsThe adorable puffer jacket that I ordered for my four-year-old arrived a couple of days ago. Since it was backordered, I actually forgot that I had ordered it, so it was a nice surprise when the pretty box showed up at my door. I love presents, even if they’re not for me. The jacket is just as cute as I had hoped. The perfect shade of pastel pink, with faux fur trim and… ruffles!

Hailey was so excited when she saw it. She even wore it to the park yesterday, even though it’s not quite puffy jacket weather yet – although it will be soon. I went online to try to see where I could find other pieces by this brand – Le Chic. It is a Dutch brand, and it appears that it is mostly sold in the UK. I suppose I lucked out in finding this one item from Chasing Fireflies. They have the cutest clothing for little girls. It is probably lucky that I cannot find Le Chic in the US, as I would probably buy the entire line… only half joking! At least my little girl will be cozy in style in her new jacket.

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