Painted Soles And Painted Nails

christian louboutin nail polishchristian louboutin nail polishShoe obsessors rejoice! I love my red soles as much as the next girl, so I was excited to learn that the shoe master himself, Christian Louboutin, had created a line of nail lacquer. The top of the polish bottle is meant to represent a stiletto heel. Very sleek, and definitely a statement piece. These little beauties are pricey, though, at $50 a bottle. But it’s a way you can get a little taste of the luscious red sole icon for a small fraction of the price of a pair of his drool-worthy stilettos.

Quick Fact: Did you know that Christian Louboutin first came up with the idea to create red soles after he painted a sole red with a bottle of nail polish. Looks like he’s come full circle.

christian louboutin nail polish

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