Sip Sip Slurp

straw bowl

If you have little kids, straw bowls are a must-have! I had a couple already, but when I saw these in the dollar bin at Target this morning, I quickly grabbed two more. Score! They are great for finishing off the milk out of a bowl of cereal, or for slurping the last bit of soup. Plus, they’re BPA free. Now if only they made straw bowls for adults. Or go ahead and use the princess ones… I won’t tell. xox

2 thoughts on “Sip Sip Slurp

  1. Hi, I am trying to get my hands on that exact bowl, I have a 6 year old who loves Disney Princesses and one of my friend’s dog got a hold of and bit the bowl and cracked it so its not usable, I dont want to use glue on it and run the risk of my girl getting sick. Where can I find that EXACT bowl with that EXACT design so I can replace it? my email is, please help I am desperate to find this bowl.

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  2. Hi Tiffany! Definitely don’t use glue on the bowel. Not sure you will be able to find the exact design at this point :(, but Target seems to have these bowls with similar princess designs pretty frequently. Keep checking and good luck! xox


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