Gift Ideas For 3-Year-Old Girls

Gifts for 3 year old girls

My almost 3-year-old has more toys, books and clothes than she knows what to do with. That being said, here are a few items that are on her birthday and holiday wish list:

1. Fisher Price Minnie Magical Bow Sweet Home or Shopping Mall. She loves pretend play with little dolls and figurines, and she loves Minnie Mouse (What 3-year-old girl doesn’t?!), so this is the perfect combination. Plus, she can set up the rooms with furniture and accessories, which she loves to do. I’m sure Prince Eric will somehow find himself in Minnie or Donald’s bed, but that’s a conversation for another time.

2. Toddler Anna Plush Doll. While everyone else was Elsa this Halloween (including my 4-year-old!), Ashley was Anna. She loves Anna. This cute plush version would cuddle with her at night, and would probably accompany her to pre-school, too.

3. V-Tech Kidizoom Camera. She loves taking pictures with my phone (although I wish she wouldn’t), and likes pretending to take pictures with her play phone. She has been asking for a camera for a while. I know that she would absolutely love to have a functioning camera so she could snap away. This one is super durable. Dropping, spilling… No problem.

4. Mini Melissa Shoes. She has a different pair of Minis now, but her feet are growing quickly, and she would like a replacement pair. These shoes smell fruity, which she loves! I actually think they smell good, too. With velcro closures, they are very easy for her to put on and take off by herself, and they just look so cute with any outfit.

5. Quilted Ballet Bag. We have once dance bag that the two older girls share. Ashley wants one of her own, which I completely understand.

6. Frozen Castle And Ice Palace Play Set. Have I mentioned yet that she loves Frozen? Right, only about a million times. She carries her Anna Barbie doll with her constantly, and this castle would finally let her take her Frozen playtime to the next level. I know she would be most excited to receive this as a gift.

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