twinsies mother daughter matching shoes

Often, as we are heading out the door to head to pre-school, I notice that all three of us (me and the two older girls) have some sort of a fashion theme going on. It is completely unintentional, but I suppose that some mornings we are all feeling the same color combinations, the same style, or who knows. Sometimes I am dressing them, but typically they are dressing themselves. We are clearly on a similar style wavelength.

Some days I will notice that we are all wearing mint green, yellow or a pink/black combination. Today, I noticed that my almost 3-year-old and I had almost-matching shoes on. And as we walked through school, many of the other moms and teachers points this out. It is kind of cute, at least while the girls are little. I’m sure as they get older they will be embarrassed to be my fashion twin.

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