Benefit Cosmetics: Creaseless Cream Shadow

benefit cosmetics creaseless cream shadowBenefit Cosmetics Eye Shadow

I recently discovered Benefit Cosmetics’ Creaseless Cream Shadow. I have been using it for about five days now, and I have to say that I love it! I have been using the creaseless shadow in RSVP, which is a beautiful champagne color. It really does last, and it really doesn’t crease, which is unusual for a cream shadow. The great thing about it is that you can layer it. Just a little for a hint of color, or a few layers for a deeper color. It can also double as an eye shadow primer, which I love, and which is how I have mostly been using it.

How to use: Apply a little over the entire lid, up to the brow bone. Blend evenly. Then apply shadow on top, while leaving parts of the cream shadow showing, if you’d like. You can apply a powder highlighting shade on the brow bone, but it’s really not necessary, as this cream shadow is a beautiful brown bone highlighter by itself. Very easy to use, and a super smooth formula.

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