The Lost Art Of The Thank You

thank you cardWe are invited to a lot of birthday parties – That’s what happens when you have three little kids! Most of our weekends are full of parties, which can be both stressful (getting the kids ready and out the door is never easy), but also fun. A recent trend is to send an Evite or other electronic form of invitation instead of an actual paper invitation. I just have to come out and say that I am not a fan!

First, how exciting is it for kids to get mail in the mailbox, and actually to open something that is for them? So exciting! Also, it is fun to put the invitation on the refrigerator or on a bulletin board for them to look at in anticipation. An invitation is the first feel of the party – Why would you want to send that as your first impression. Electronic invitations, such as an Evite or Paperless Post should be left for informal gatherings or last-minute get togethers. Not for parties, especially birthday parties. I’m just going to come out and say it: Sending an Evite for a birthday party is just plain lazy. End of story.

As much as I dislike electronic invitations, electronic Thank Yous are even worse! A personal thank you e-mail is actually acceptable, although the mass emails or Evite/Paperless Post thank you notes saying, “Thank you for the gift,” are simply unacceptable. Not just lazy, but beyond lazy, and also rude. There is a lack of etiquette these days. When a written Thank you comes in the mail, which is rare these days, I make sure to show my kids so that they can see how important good etiquette is.

My middle child’s third birthday is coming up. We sent out actual invitations in the mail (and they’re super cute, I might add!), and after the party, I will sit down with her to write thank you notes. I want her to learn gratitude. I will continue receive electronic invitations and thank you notes, and I will continue sending out handwritten versions. Good manners will never go out of style.

One thought on “The Lost Art Of The Thank You

  1. I really enjoyed this post and completely agree! First of all, if you want me to attend then I need it to be tangible. Second of all, it is soo important for the child to understand the concept of “Thank You”. I make my children write them out and before they could I would have them color a little picture on the card.
    My son just had a birthday and we do the same! I agree, Good Manners are timeless!!!!!

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