Tarte Kiss And Belle Lipsurgence Set – It’s Love!

tarte holiday lip set

I love seeing all of the holiday sets that come out during this time of year. One that I was most excited about was the Tarte Kiss and Belle Lipsurgence Set, available at Sephora. I am a big fan of Tarte, especially the Lipsurgence line. i have tried a lot of other lip crayons, and Tarte’s are by far the smoothest. The color also goes on so nicely. You can layer the color as much as you’d like in order to create a sheer or heavier color look… Whichever you prefer. These products are almost fool-proof, which is another reason why I love them. No mirror needed to apply. This set includes several minis, which is great since I will be able to try more vibrant colors that I normally would shy away from. I typically stick to neutrals and pale pinks. But a vibrant fuchsia or red should absolutely find it’s place on my makeup counter for nights out! This set contains matte colors, as well as the shinier Lipsurgence shades (my favorite), and also two glosses that can be layered on top of the crayons, or simply worn alone. I can’t wait to try out all of these luscious colors. So pretty.

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