Little Bunny Foo Foo

My oldest daughter recently got these decadently soft, pink bunny slippers. We happened upon them randomly one day, and neither one of us (nor could Grandma!) could resist. These cuddly little bunnies even have sparkly pink gemstone noses! My daughter clearly is drawn to pink and sparkles as much as I am. And, I would never have guessed, but these slippers are made by Carter’s. Carter’s is typically not for me, with a few rare exceptions (I don’t really do bright colors and baby animal print designs!), but they hit the chic mark with these slippers.

Hailey has been wearing them everyday, and even sometimes to bed! Now if only they came in my size! And yes, she is wearing a tutu in this picture, but with three little girls, tutus are like household basics, just like socks and underwear… In our house, at least!

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