Drooling Over Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney Falabella Fold-Over Tote Bag in pink Nude

Before having kids, I was very into handbags. Very into them. Not that I’m not anymore, but I just don’t really have time to think about them. I am more occupied with buying diapers and finding the cutest toddler shoes. BUT, I happened to come across this drool-worthy creation by Stella McCartney, and I am in love! Granted, I have certainly seen Stella’s Falabella Fold-Over Tote before, but not in pink. Sigh. I suppose I’ll add it to my wish list, or think about it after I clean the playroom for the hundredth time this week. I also adore it in white, but that is so not kid-friendly. It would have purple marker scribbled all over it in no time. I had better start teaching the girls about Fashion Designers – I’m sure they will learn quickly. Although Miss Hailey is a fast learner, and will probably be asking for Dior by lesson two. Anyway, Stella – I’ll be back for you. Kisses.

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