Getting Cultured At The Getty

Getty Museum

My family was in town for the holidays, so my Dad and I ended up taking the three girls to the Getty Museum. We figured… It is pretty, there are gardens to explore and run around, there is culture to be gained, and there are options to take them to lunch. And of course, the tram ride up to the Getty is fun. Perfect. Although I wash’t sure how they’d do inside the actual museum. It could have easily gone in any direction.

Amanda, my 11-month-old, was great. Aside from her trying to eat the information guide, she was very well-behaved. The guide had to go, so we had to ask everyone where we were going. No big deal. I was right about the tram ride. Hailey and Ashley loved it. And they didn’t want to sit. They wanted to stand and hold onto the poles. They are always in car seats, so who can blame them?!

We saw a World War 1 exhibit, paintings and tapestries by Rubens, European furniture (my favorite!), and paintings by Van Gogh, Renoir, Monet, Manet and more.  Haiely was very interested in the idea of going to a museum, as Olivia (as in Olivia the pig) goes to the museum in one of her books. She asked what was going on in the paintings. I tried to make them somewhat relatable. In one of the paintings (according to my translation), “sisters were doing each other’s makeup.” In another, “a mommy was having a tea party with her family,” etc. This all made sense to the girls.

They enjoyed seeing the French furniture, as well. Ashley kept wanting to sit on the chairs, though. But the beds were fun to look at. They especially liked a blue French canopy bed that had feathers at the top. It was kind of like the canopy bed in the Tea Time With Sophia Grace And Rosie book, although it wasn’t pink, so it wasn’t quite as good!

We had lunch in one of the cafes. They had pizza for the girls. Score. They must think that museums are pretty cool. They enjoyed tidbits of the museum experience, while alternating their attention span to their Frozen dolls… Acting out scenes from the movie. That was just fine with me. No crying or major bouts of whining. Their first trip to a real, non-kid oriented museum was a success.

Getty Museum Garden

{Getty Museum Garden}

French Canopy bed

{The French canopy bed that the girls loved}

Getty Center Museum

{Another room of European furniture – Ashley wanted to sit on the bed and the chairs}

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