Iconic In Pink (and other colors): The Wishbone Chair

Danish furniture maker, Carl Hansen & Son, are designing for a good cause. They have pretty-fied Hans J Wegner’s classic Wishbone Chair by splashing it with a beautiful pink lacquer. Proceeds from the pink Wishbone Chair benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Unfortunately, only a limited number of these little mid-century beauties were made. But, they are known for coming out with a new limited edition version each year. If you can’t wait to see what the next limited edition design will be, you can always go for a standard edition version… Although I know what you’re thinking: What good is standard when you can have pink?!

Hans Wegner Wishbone Chair

Standard is anything but boring for the Wishbone, though. It comes in many colors, from basic black and white, to teal, blue, green, purple and even orange. Lots of happy hues to add a burst of fun to any space. You can see the color options for yourself here.


hansen wishbone chair

I am not one for decorating an entire room with mid-century modern pieces. Rather, I love mixing mid-century styles with shabby chic or regency style furniture and accessories for a more unexpected look. But that’s just me. Here are some fun looks at the Hansen Wishbone Chair in action.

carl hansen wishbone chaircarl hansen wishbone chair

carl hansen wishbone chair

carl hansen wishbone chair

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