Sorry Baby #3

I’ve mentioned previously how the the third child seems to get the short end of the stick. We can’t even settle on what to call her – Sometimes it’s Amanda, often it’s Mandy, or even Panda (as in Amanda Panda) or Pandy. She must feel so lost at less than one-year-old! I had my other daughters’ birth announcements framed and hanging pretty quickly after they were each born. And I put them in matching frames so they would look nice hanging together on the wall.

Well, after almost one year, I finally have Miss Mandy’s birth announcement framed and hung. And her frame doesn’t even match the others – yikes. Only because the frame was apparently discontinued, but still. I hope she does not feel like the odd man out. At least she can see her name in bold print on the wall: Amanda Harper. Oh yeah, we sometimes call her Harper, too. Sorry baby #3. Don’t worry, we love you all the same… Promise.

birth announcements

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