Fancy Nails, Toddler Style

My beauty-obsessed 3-year-old is somehow into wearing fake nails for fun. She received a set as a gift not long ago, and she now thinks she is a pampered pet of the preschool set! It makes sense, I suppose. After all, she chose to have a spa party to celebrate her third birthday. Hair, nails and the whole nine yards. You can read more about her fun spa party here. While a little sparkly polish seems reasonable, I would never have even thought to let her try faux nails… Until at least high school. But, here we are today. No harm really. It’s actually kind of hilarious. IMG_6600-0.JPG As I was picking up toys, as I do nonstop… I found one of her nails. Rapunzel in one hand and a glittery Hello Kitty nail in the other. It would take too much time to put the nail somewhere, and then go back to cleaning (aka, sort of picking things up), so I put the nail on. I forgot it was there after a while, so I sported a single sparkly nail for most of the evening. I have to say, I can now see why Ashley thinks they’re fun to wear. Sometimes you need to walk in someone else’s shoes, er, wear their nails for a bit to understand the fun from their perspective. IMG_6576.JPGIMG_6574.JPG

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