My Favorite Soap For Little Hands

When it comes to washing my little ones’ hands, nothing makes the job easier than foaming hand soap. I’m obsessed. It spreads over the hands easily, reassuring me that their entire hands are actually getting somewhat clean. It rinses off like a dream, unlike regular soaps that leave a slimy residue behind. Plus, it’s fun to watch the foam come out, and to squish it. It actually makes washing hands fun – score! And have you noticed that the actual pump on foaming soaps is typically extra wide? Much easier for little hands to press.

And you all know by know that style is important to me. While there are several soap options out there, my absolute favorite is the foaming hand soap by J.R. Watkins. It has a French vintage apothecary vibe that is simple, yet chic. Yes, I called soap chic! I typically go for the lemon scent, which is amazing, but I recently discovered pink grapefruit. The scents on the J.R. Watkins soaps are absolutely delicious. I often go out of my way to wash my hands in the girls’ bathroom just so I can use their soap. Yes, really! And did I mention that this product line is also all natural? That makes me feel even better about giving it to the girls. Okay, I’m done gushing over soap… For now.

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