The Cutest Bakeware – Cupcakes And Cookies Get Ready!

I’m not sure if I would typically get excited about gifts that have to do with the kitchen. I take that back, I would if they were useful or unique. Although I can’t guarantee that they would get much use. There are so many things I would rather do than cook. Tons of things, actually. But baking, on the other hand, now that is more my thing. I have a huge sweet tooth, so petit fours, macarons and cupcakes all seem to call my name. Actually, I am pretty non-discriminating/ Even cheap drugstore candy can make me pretty happy.

I recently received a rolling pin as a gift. How boring does that sound, right? Well, this was the most unique rolling pin I had ever seen. It has a vintage shabby chic flair, and I all of a sudden was so excited to receive this rolling pin as a gift. I couldnt decide whether to use it or to simply put it on display in the kitchen. It is ceramic. Very fancy, but clearly this is not to be used with the kids when we make their next round of birthday cookie cutter cookies (although I did decide that my cookie cutter cookie tradition needs to take a long rest). It is hand painted and glossy as can be. As you know, I love shiny things. But the whimsical design and writing is really what got my attention. “Hello There” is written across the rolling pin. This immediately made me smile. The side says “Roll Roll Roll The Dough.” For someone who sings “Row Row Row Your Boat” to an infant almost everyday, this is very amusing. The rolling pin is part of Anthropologie’s Crowned Leaf bakeware collection.

crowned leaf bakeware anthropologie{My Beloved Crowned Leaf Rolling Pin}

crowned leaf bakeware anthropologie

Ironically enough, when we moved a couple of years ago, the only thing that went missing was my beloved French rolling pin. I got an ugly stepchild of a replacement out of necessity, but this definitely is my new favorite baking child. Hmmm, now which recipe to bake next?

crowned leaf bakeware anthropologie

{The Crowned Leaf Bakeware Collection From Anthropologie}

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