Bar Cart Bubbly – Yum In A Bottle

While I’m often calculated in terms of what I’m looking for, especially at the market (I stick to my lists!), I turned into a major impulse shopper when I spotted this pink bottle of deliciousness! I would normally have walked by, but it was flirting with me way too much. Elderflower and Rose Lemonade? I just couldn’t resist! It was a combination of the exotic ingredients, as well as the beautiful pink label. I immediately added a bottle to my basket. Although I almost broke the bottle setting it down on the counter at home (I’m not always the most graceful person), I decided to display it on my beloved Arteriors bar cart until I was ready to open it. It looks so nice sitting on my bar cart that I couldn’t decide if I should actually drink it or not. Not to worry… That thought quickly passed. I will drink it on one of my “play dates” (as I know call lunches with friends – see what having kids does to you?!)… Hopefully alongside some French macarons .
Pink Drink For Bar Cart

{Elderflower And Rose Lemonade}

Stylish Bar Cart

{Sitting pretty on my bar cart}

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