Fun Recycle Art Project

I will be the first to admit that I signed my kids up for far too many after-school enrichment classes. I promise I will cut back in a few months… No, my fingers aren’t crossed behind my back! Between ballet and tap, gymnastics, musical theater, art, Kindergarten readiness (a great class, but don’t get me started on the need for this), and recycle art, I am basically a chauffeur for much of the week.

No really, these are all great classes that the girls tremendously enjoy. Hailey is obsessed with her musical theater class. The moment she walked in, it was clear that she had found “her people.” Ashley’s recycle art class, though, is a gem. Not only does it teach her about the value of recycling, and allows her to be creative, but  the coolest projects come out of here. Ashley made this pretty piece below in this week’s class. Clearly they got the memo that I love all things Shabby Chic. Love it!

recycle art class

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