Contain Those Clippies – Baby And Toddler Hair Clip Holder

If you have a baby or toddler girl, or in my case – both, then you probably have little hair clips and bows. I emphasize “little” because they seem to get lost everywhere, don’t they?! Whether you try to keep them in a drawer or in a dish on the counter, it can be tedious to fish through to find what you’re looking for. And again, when they’re kept loose, they’re so easy to lose. I found that the best (and prettiest!) way to store these little clippies is on a hair clip board. baby hair clip holder

The bows and barrettes simply clip onto the ribbons. It makes it so easy to choose the perfect one when I’m ready to dash out the door. Plus, the colors look pretty in the room. This board above is from Mandy’s room. I loved the ivory scalloped frame and grosgrain ribbon detailing. They come in many colors and patterns to match your little one’s decor. They are also very easy to DIY.

DIY Hair Clip Board:

1. Find a frame you like. An 8 x 10 is a good size, and is easy to find.

2. Cut a piece of cardboard the size of the glass that sits in the frame.

3. Find a fabric you like, and cover the cardboard. Hold it taught, and staple or glue on the back.

4. Run two or three strips of ribbon across and around the fabric-covered board. Staple on the back.

5. Fit the board into the frame. Either glue it in, or use the backing that came with the frame to hold it in place.

6. Hang with the picture hooks that came with the frame backing, or add an extra piece of ribbon to hang (as seen above).

2 thoughts on “Contain Those Clippies – Baby And Toddler Hair Clip Holder

  1. That’s so true just until recently I read about this baby hair clips that is magnetic so I tried to have a few and to tell you even if they keep on moving around and it still holds. And it sure is such a relief.


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