Diaper Pouch To Go – My Grab & Go Baby Essentials

With baby number one, I carried a diaper bag. A diaper bag overflowing with every possible baby item one could need in almost any situation. It was so heavy to carry, but I took it everywhere. That’s a first-time parent for you! With baby number two, I carried a smaller diaper bag with many so-called essentials for her, as well as some things for my oldest (she was still so little at the time). Now, with baby number three, let’s just say that I have finally learned my lesson.

Mandy just turned one (don’t worry – birthday party pictures coming soon!). I do not carry a diaper bag. I hardly used even a fraction of the items I used to lug around all day with my first two girls. I was not going to put myself through that again. Now, I have a handy pouch of the “real” essentials that I grab and toss in my purse when Miss Mandy and I are going somewhere. If I am just going on a short errand, I don’t even take that. The pouch system is great since I don’t have loose items to fumble through in my bag. And I can easily take it out of my bag when I am going to the office sans-baby.

I used to keep everything in this cute peace-print Diapees And Wipees velcro pouch. It worked just fine, but I always had to open it to see if I had diapers and other supplies left inside, or if I needed to replenish. Not a big deal, but every moment counts during my frantic, constantly running from here-to-there days.

diapees and wipees pouch

{Diapees & Wipees Baby Pouch}

When I learned the trick of the see-through pouch, I felt like a big time-saving mommy secret had been revealed. I now keep my baby items in this clear pouch so I can easily see what I have left before I run out the door. Also, no need to fish around blindly. I can easily see where everything is. Another bonus… It wipes off easily. Ever have one of those squeeze pouches spill? A mess, right? Now, spills are no big deal.

Clear baby diaper  pouch{Clear Baby Pouch}

cute diaper pouch caddy

{A clear diaper pouch looks especially cute when loaded with fun, printed diapers.

These cupcake print diapers are from The Honest Company}

Here are the essential items I keep in my baby to-go pouch:

Clear baby diaper  pouch

Diapers. Obviously! I usually take two to three with me at a time, depending on where I am going. pampers diapers

{Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive are my top choice}

Disposable changing pads. I usually keep two in the pouch at all times. I don’t like using the pads that come with diaper bags in public changing areas. There are so many germs. I would rather use something that I can just throw away. Much more sanitary. Much less yuck.

disposable changing pads

Baby wipes. My favorite are the travel packs from Target. The size is perfect. I like that the pack is more square than elongated, like most travel packs seem to be. Plus, they are gentle and unscented. I don’t use this kind at home, but for on-the-go, they are the best and most convenient that I have found.
travel baby wipes

Skin care essentials: Diaper rash cream, a sunscreen stick and Aquaphor. I use the sunscreen stick the most – for both the baby and for her sisters. The other items are more for “just in case” situations. I have never actually needed to use them since Mandy’s been born. But still. I feel better knowing they’re there. Kind of like insurance. Silly, I know.
diaper bag essentials

Bags for yucky diapers. That’s the best way I can describe them. I usually keep a couple of these in my pouch, since they hardly take up any space. It is only considerate to wrap up stinky diapers before tossing them. Plus, these have cute designs.
diaper bag essentials

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