Popsicle Ring Pops? Oh Yeah! Totally Awesome Frozen Treats.

My kids love popsicles. Actually, I love popsicles, too. I would reluctantly buy popsicles for the girls every now and then, but I didn’t like all the sugar that was in them. Also, most of the store popsicles were so big for my little ones, that they would usually melt in a big puddle before Hailey and Ashley could even get halfway through. The girls had been asking and asking for more popsicles, so I figured I had better figure out a solution.

I knew that I wanted to be able to make something myself, or better yet, make something WITH the girls. Most of the frozen treat makers that I found made large pops, took up a lot of space in the freezer or their version of “easy” was not my version of easy. So, I decided that good old fashioned ice pop molds were our best bet. I loved using them when I was little.

BUT – Guess what I found? Not just any old boing popsicle molds. Let me just pause to say that Hailey and Ashley love Ring Pops. They are waaay better than your average lollipop – They are jewelry, after all. And now – jewled ring popsicles? How cool is that?! I found these Jewel Pop Molds by Tovolo. Not only do the girls have so much fun with their tasty, frozen jewelry, but these fancy pops are small enough for them to finish without making a huge mess. Regardless, the base acts as a catch for any liquid that does drip. We can fill them with whatever homemade goodness we like. Less sugar, and the girls love them all the same. Plus, the shape of the jewels differ from ring to ring. True – A treat is a treat, but a fun-shaped treat is so much better!

ring pop popsicles

Tovolo jewel pop molds

ring jewel ice pop

{Our first jewel ring pop!}

The ring popsicles were such a big hit that we also got the Tovolo Star Pop Molds. Not only are the pops star-shaped, but so is the base. So much fun. Once the pops are frozen, I can stack them outside of their base to save even more space in the freezer. Love that. tovolo star pop molds

tovolo star pop molds

tovolo star pop molds

star popsicle molds

{Hailey getting ready to help fill the molds}

star popsicle molds

star popsicle molds

{Star molds are filled and ready to freeze}

Here are some of the other fun frozen treat molds by Tovolo that we may need to add to our collection…

ice cream popsicles

{Ice Cream Pop Molds}

rocket popsicle molds

{Rocket Pop Molds}

rocket popsicle molds

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