Pretty And Practical Accessories – Yes, Please!

I love unique products and brands. One brand that has been getting my attention a lot in the last several months is  This brand is all about fun. I honestly feel that their products were made just for me. Just kidding (clearly!), but I definitely “get” their point of view. Unicorns, sparkles, disco balls and roller skates. Yes, yes and yes!

While I would love to have almost everything that they create, here are a couple of recent trinkets that I just couldn’t pass up from this flirty, fun company…

Fleurs, Bonbons & Champagne Tote Bag. If you’re talking flowers, candy and Champagne (three of my favorite things!), then you’ve definitely caught my attention. Plus, the whimsical pink diagonal stripe was the icing on the cake. I am always going from here to there and back again. Kiddie things, work appointments, etc. There is a never-ending amount of stuff to haul all over, so a tote is always something I can use. This canvas tote from happens to be both practical, and fun. Double win.

bando tote bag

Petits Secrets Catchall. Clearly this has the same styling as the tote, but I’m a sucker for black, white and pink combinations. Throw in a little whimsy, and I’m wrapped around your little finger! This cute little catchall dish also has shiny gold gilded edging, and is just what I needed for little odds and ends that always end up on my desk. For some reason, the saying makes me smile. Probably because I get what it’s trying to say, even though it actually doesn’t make total sense. Plus, the petite size of the Petits Secrets porcelain dish won’t take up too much room… I like a lot of room on my desk!

bando pretty dishBack Me Up Mobile Charger. This mobile phone charger is genius. Not only is it super cute (and it comes in several other pretty patterns), but it is ultra compact and lightweight. Perfect to throw in my purse when I am running low on juice – Which is too often these days. Now, I no longer have to stress out about my diminishing battery percentage. I used to watch it in pseudo-fear as it went lower and lower.’s Back Me Up Mobile Charger will charge your phone to 80% capacity. And it actually works pretty quickly. Yes, I have used it several times already. This little lighting charger is fantastic… And stylish, too.

iphone charger pink

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