A Rockin’ Rose Gold Glow – Benefit Cosmetics Rockateur

benefit cosmetics rockateur blushThere are a few beauty items I have way too many of. Okay, I am lying… you can’t have too many beauty items! Who’s with me on this? I have countless lip glosses, lip crayons, and eyeliners (although I really only use a couple of them), and of course, blush. I love blushes. While a stash of mascara may be the more popular choice (and believe me, I have more than my share of those!), blush is almost like the silent beauty partner that makes everything come together. It gives you a pretty flush to help you look alive, and well, just plain pretty.

People often ask if there is a best blush. While there are several popular ones (hello Nars Orgasm), various hues give you a completely different look. Therefore, one blush will simply not do. Outfit, mood and occasion help dictate the blush winner of the moment. I love both peachy hues and rosy colors, but each puts me in a different mood. One blush that I love is Rockateur by Benefit Cosmetics. Clearly the packaging is cute, but the color is a-mazing. It is a golden rosy color that always comes out just right. No clown faces here – I’m sure you know what I mean! Just a super pretty, romantic flush. Perfection.

Rockateur comes with a small brush, but I prefer to use my own blush brush for a more even, airbrush-esque application. Plus, every time I see the word “rock” when I open the little gift-like box, I feel like just a little bit of a rebel!

benefit cosmetics rockateur blush

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