Sparkles In My Hair, And I Don’t Care…

There are only so many quick and easy things you can do to your hair – Especially when you’re running out the door every morning a little behind schedule! Rather than throw my hair into a ponytail today, I pulled out one of my sparkly hair clips. It is basically a wide, gold-glittered bobby pin. I simply slipped it behind one ear, and up towards the top of my part. This style is also great for keeping the hair out of my eyes as I juggle things in my arms all day… Running back and forth to preschool, the office, after-school activities, etc. Simple and easy. And the little sparkle it adds doesn’t hurt, either! If you haven’t worn clips like these for years (or even since grade school!), you should definitely pull them out of hiding. You may love this this easy and surprisingly modern hairstyle as much as I do!

What’s your favorite fast and easy hairstyle? I’d love to hear!pretty sparkly hair clips

pretty sparkly hair clips

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