I’m So Fancy! Super Cute Kiddie Outfit.

My daughters love love love to dress up. They love dresses, skirts, frills and sparkles. After all, what girl doesn’t? Often, my three-year-old may as well be wearing prom dresses to preschool, but it makes her beyond happy, so I let her. I had a slight struggle with my four-year-old earlier this week as she was getting ready for school. She only wanted to wear a dress that looked like a wedding dress. Um, okay. We clearly don’t have anything like that, sooo…

Fortunately, Hailey found a different type of fancy outfit, and she was very impressed with herself. This cute “fancy” t-shirt by The Talking Shirt is simple, yet stylish. I would 100% wear this if it came in my size! She of course paired this with a frilly black pettiskirt. Pettiskirts guarantee a fun-filled day of twirling! And, I simply love these chic black ankle strap flats from Gap Kids.

cute girls clothes

cute girls clothes

gap kids  girls flats

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