My Child Isn’t Allowed To Wear These. Caution: This May Offend Some Parents

When I picked Ashley up from school the other day, I immediately stopped in my tracks, and did a double take. This couldn’t be! Was she wearing one of the forbidden items?! She was! I had a mini panic attack. She was wearing… Crocs! Yes, Crocs. Crocs are on my list of things that my kids (nor I) will never – ever – wear! Apparently, I forgot to fill out the allergy form at the beginning of the school year specifying that my daughter has an allergy to Crocs (and to other ugly shoes – Specifically, Birkenstocks and sneakers with silly characters on them.) Next year, I will be sure to specify this on the student information form.

Apparently, Ashley’s shoes got lost at school that day. I don’t even know how that happens, but regardless… they were lost. One of the other mommies was nice enough to let Ashley borrow her daughter’s extra pair. I was grateful for the kind gesture, but these had to come off right away! We rushed to the car so the memory could quickly be erased. I know that many parents like crocs, and I understand why. But the convenience and water-proof factors simply don’t overshadow the supreme ugliness of these shoes.

Ironically, as soon as Ashley saw me, she told me she wanted to take them off right away. I knew she had good fashion sense!

girls crocs

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