A Cradle Cap Miracle Worker

bella b best cradle cap shampoo

A few mommies recently asked me if I recommended any products in particular to help get rid of cradle cap. Fortunately, my two older girls did not have cradle cap.  But little Mandy did have it. It is definitely unsightly, and I remember researching and researching to try to figure out how to get rid of cradle cap quickly. I tried a lot of things. I am not one for a mess, and a lot of the so-called cradle cap remedies were very messy. I looked up solutions I could buy, as well as home remedies. I know that different babies respond differently to different products, but the product that worked cradle cap miracles for Mandy was Bee Gone Cradle Cap by Bella B. It is a foaming shampoo (I love foaming shampoos for babies and kids!) that is organic, hypoallergenic and paraben free. This all natural baby shampoo is very gentle, and contains oatmeal, tea tree oil and shea butter. Oh yeah, and it features a picture of a cute bathing bee. Clearly that had noting to do with my decision process, but I’m just saying! The Bella B cradle cap shampoo is very soothing, smells fantastic, and most importantly, it works. And it works fast! You can try it here for yourself and your little one. Let me know what other cradle cap remedies have worked for you, as well as what did not. Cheers to happy babies… With flake-free heads!

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