Add This Extra Cute Time-Saver To Your Little Girl’s Bedroom

Are you able to quickly get your kids dressed in the morning, fed and out the door to school? Yeah, me neither. Getting them dressed in the morning can sometimes be as big a deal as if I asked them to wash the cars of everyone on our street – with their eyes closed. I mean, really. Just get dressed – pleeeaassse just get dressed! For three and four-year-old girls, this process can be very complicated. They actually really care about what they wear. As if they are starring in a runway show at school. I love that they are able to assert themselves through their clothes, and that they are confident enough to know what they want. Even if it’s a sundress when it’s cold outside (don’t worry – I make sure they add a sweater and leggings!).

Our getting-dressed process has become so much easier and faster in the mornings since we have started choosing and laying out their outfits the night before. This way, the girls can debate, ponder, and change their minds as much as they want the night before. When the morning comes, they slip on their clothes, and are ready to go.

cute girls room idea

This cute frame and knob addition is an adorable way to incorporate the clothes selection process into our routine, while also adding some fun decor to the girls’ room. The girls actually have a lot of fun choosing their clothes now. This project is very easy to DIY, and you can use any frame and hook or knob that you like. I’m kind of slow in the mornings myself. I’m thinking about adding one of these to my closet, as well.

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