My Three Favorite Hand Creams. P.S. – They All Smell Amazing

I have been using more hand cream than usual this season, and have tried many different brands in an attempt to find the perfect combination of texture and yummy-smelling fragrance. I have a tube of hand cream on my desk, one in my nightstand, and even a mini in my purse. I prefer non-greasy formulas that sink in quickly. And if they smell extra delicious at the same time, I’m all in.

I prefer Shea butter hand creams. They are rich, moisturizing, and just pure luxury in a tube. These creams make my hands feel silky soft, and are like a mini spa break at home… Or even on the go. Right now, I am especially loving the hand creams by Lollia, Love and Toast, and J.R. Watkins.

lollia hand cream handcreme

{Lollia Breathe Shea Butter Hand Cream}

I love most of the Lollia scents, and the Lollia packaging is beyond beautiful, but Breathe is my favorite of the Lollia scents. It just smells magical. It features a delicious floral blend of peony and white lily, with delicate undertones of juicy grapefruit (my favorite!) and orange. This fresh and floral scent is not too heavy, and it absorbs very quickly – it’s not greasy at all. The macadamia nut and avocado oils are also extra nourishing for your skin.

love and toast hand cream

{Love & Toast Handcreme in Sugar Grapefruit}

Love and Toast creams come in adorable packaging, are sized just right for purse use or travel, and they smell absolutely divine. I love their creatively delicious scent varieties: honey coconut, paper flower. sugar grapefruit, gin blossom and pomme poivre. The creams contain a combination of shea butter, sunflower oils, and other super-softening natural ingredients. These luxurious and pretty creams are also free of paragons and artificial colors. They are available at Whole Foods, on Amazon, or you can go directly to their own site.

jr watkins natural hand cream{J.R. Watkins Hand Cream}

I use a lot of J.R. Watkins products in the house since they contain mostly natural ingredients. (I really love their foaming hand soap.) I of course love the grapefruit scent, but I am currently using this tube of pomegranate and acai. It has a wonderfully refreshing aroma, and also makes my hands very happy (aka – smooth!). This blend of shea butter and cocoa butter is very softening, and even works wonders on dry elbows and knees.

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