Crafty, Fun Glittery Glue

Kids Glitter Glue Art

I love crafts, and so do my kids. Coloring, painting, and of course… glueing things. Glueing anything, whatever it may be, is fun for the kids. The messier the better – sigh. And they LOVE glitter. While we have regular glitter glue, I recently discovered that Elmer’s makes colored glittery glue that dries clear. Therefore, it can be used for actual gluing, or just to add some fun sparkle to projects.

The color makes it extra fun for the kids, plus, it allows them to see where they have actually applied the glue – which is actually more important than it might seem. No surprise, I got them the pink version, and their little eyes lit up when they saw it. Often it’s the little things that make them smile – especially when there’s glitter involved!

Kids Glitter Glue Art

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