The Cutest Fan You HAVE To HAVE

Chillout Mini Tower Fan

It can get hot in Los Angeles in the Summer. I mean REALLY hot. Fans fly off the shelves quickly, so I have learned that in order to get a good one, shopping early is a must. Okay, so I do have air conditioning, and don’t really need a fan… BUT, come on… have you EVER seen such an adorable fan? I just couldn’t resist.Chillout Mini Tower Fan

This mini tower fan by Chillout is covered in girly polka dots. They also come in some fun solid colors, like a robin’s egg blue (love!). Plus, the handle makes it very easy to carry from room to room. I actually will use this fan in the playroom, as it tends to get extra warm in there in the Summer months. This handy fan also has two speed settings. It is very compact, so it works best as a desk fan, or in a small space.

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