Holiday Gingerbread Houses – Check!

Yesterday, the girls made mini gingerbread houses. This was a success compared to the disastrous, yet hilarious outcome of our Halloween gingerbread haunted house attempt. Yes, a lot more candy was eaten than used on the houses, but the girls had a lot of fun making their creations, and now we have some extra decor in the house for the holidays.

A few tips: Graham crackers are lighter weight than actual gingerbread, and are easy for little hands to work with.

After initial construction, but before decorating, a few minutes in the fridge will  do wonders to help set the “mortar”.

Cookie frosting hardens quickly, and also tastes really good.

Don’t plan on using Mommy’s favorite candy for decorating, or it might all be eaten before it’s time to decorate – wink, wink

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