Ooh, Your Desk Just Got Prettier!

Motivation Pen Set

I am a sucker for pretty office supplies. I am at my desk all the time, so I enjoy surrounding myself with little bits of pretty, fun and whimsy  when I can. I go through pens like crazy, so when I recently came upon these pretties, I knew they were calling my name.

They’re an easy way to add some extra cheer to any workspace, and of course, the pink spoke to me! These pens have fun motivational sayings on them: “You Got This,” “Make It Happen,” and “Bust A Move.” Plus, I prefer click-on, click-off pens, like these. The extra effort of having to remove a pen top seriously gets in the way of my productivity… and who has time for that?! Pretty and practical beats basic and boring. Who knew there could be such a strong opinion about pens?! Lol.

These pretty little writers are by Snow and Graham of Chicago. You can check them out here, along with some of their other pen sets.

Happy writing!


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