Liner Lust – The Quest For The Perfect Eyeliner

how to apply eyeliner

If I had to choose my top three makeup necessities, they would be eyeliner, mascara and bronzer. I only started wearing eyeliner a few years ago, and I have to admit that it was instant love. But for some reason, while it was easy for me to find a mascara (Urban Decay Perversion Mascara) and bronzer (Too Faced) that I love love love, but for some reason, the hunt to find an amazing eyeliner has been an ongoing treasure hunt. Either they go on too clumpy, not smoothly, they run, they fade, or they’re hard to put on without looking like a Disney Villian. So, I’ve been on the quest for the perfect eyeliner. Yes, the struggle is real!

After trying liner after liner, here are my two current favorites…

NYX Liquid Eyeliner

  1. NYX Liquid Liner is amaaaazing! It goes on smoothly and stays put ALL day… Seriously. I happen to love liquid liners because of the precision. It is so easy to draw a thin, smooth line for everyday, and then build it up for evening when you need more drama. I happen to be a huge fan of NYX. Quality products at can’t beat prices. And their liner doesn’t disappoint. This liquid liner is only $5.99. Highly highly recommend!

Stila Eyeliner 1

2. To change things up, I sometimes like to use a felt pen style eyeliner. The holy grail of felt tip liners is the Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Eyeliner. This is the smoothest of felt pens that I have tried so far. It has pretty good staying power, and is great for everyday. You can even top it with a liquid for an extra deep color, or smudge over it with a gel liner for a smoky effect. Regardless, this is a mainstay of any beauty junky’s collection.

Of course, I would love to hear from all of you lovelies… What is your favorite liner?



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