6 Fun-Tastic Water Play Toys For Kids

Now that Summer is almost here, the kids have been in full swimming mode. They simply can’t get enough water play, and are often seen wearing their swimsuits around the house just because. While the littles would spend pretty much every minute of every day in the pool if they could, sometimes it’s easier to let them play with water in other ways. And let’s face it, kids LOVE water.

Since I have kids ranging in age from one to seven, I have to make sure I have water play options that will be fun for various ages. Here are some great water toys for toddlers, preschoolers and younger elementary age kids that are sure to keep them occupied, thereby give parents a little moment of sanity (aka… moments without tantrums). And as I’m sure most other parents will agree, every bit of sanity counts! Here are six water toys that are a big hit:

1. Little Tikes Water Play Table

This water table, or one like it, is a must-have for any toddler. It offers a safe environment for little ones to explore water. It brings the water up to just the right height, and this particular toy is equipped with extras to add some more fun to play time.  Toddlers can drop balls down the fun spiral, or watch them go round and round on the water ferris wheel.

2. Melissa and Doug Pretty Petals Sprinkler Toy or  Wiggle Worm Sprinkler Toy

My kids absolutely love these sprinkler toys by Melissa and Doug! Simply attach them to your hose (very easy!), turn on the water, and watch your kids squeal with delight as streams of water comes out of the pretty flowers or silly worms. A huge hit!

3. Sprinkle and Splash Play Mat

This water play mat is a fun alternative to a wading pool for toddlers (and even for older babies who are crawling). Shallow water and light sprinklers make it a fun place for splashing or filling and pouring nesting cups. Plus, it deflates to store compactly.

4. Bunch O Balloons

My three, five and seven year olds are currently obsessed with these! They ask to play with them almost every day. The most amazing part… You can literally fill and seal (they self seal!) 100 balloons in about 60 seconds. These are definitely not the old-school water balloons that I grew up with. These are tons of fun for sunny Summer days!

5. Slip ‘N Slide

You can’t go wrong with this classic! Whether you let your toddler splash in the little wading area at the end, or let your older kids slip down the slide, this is a pleaser for kids  (and, yes, even adults of most ages). This particular version has a double slide, which is great for multiple kids and for racing. Expect fun and smiles all around. Even from your husband – if you can even get him off to give the kids a turn!

6. Splish Splash Fun Pool

This is the cutest small size splash pad I have seen. It claims to be for kids up to two years, but it is really perfect for kids up to at least four years old. Bright colors, a fun little slide and other surprises all equal a lot of little smiles.

Hopefully this list gives you some ideas for fun water play toys for Summer. Great for play dates, birthday gifts, or just lazy days in the backyard. Happy water playing!


*Not that I have to remind you, since I know you’re already super savvy,  but… With water play of any kind, adult supervision is essential at all times. And don’t forget the sunscreen 😉

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