The Sweetest Bunny Tea Party

me and hailey

When my biggest little girl announced that she wanted a tea party for her birthday, I was excited. I grew up having tea parties: Pretend tea parties, tea parties at fancy hotels, tea parties at my grandma’s house. Tea parties are a part of who I am. So, hearing this from my daughter was very exciting. Being the creative dreamer that she is, she then proclaimed that it had to be none other than a Bunny Tea Party. And she wasn’t budging! I paused, and then said, of course… I will make it happen. And so, Hailey’s Bunny Tea Party came to be. Here are some of the fun details…

tabletable 2


We set a beautiful tea party table outside complete with traditional tea china, jewelry for the girls to wear, lots of pretty flowers, and goodies galore. When the girls arrived, they decorated their own tea hats with flowers, fabric butterflies and colorful ribbon. Face painting was also on hand – This was a must, according to Hailey.


The girls also decorated yummy sugar cookies to take home. I learned to never underestimate the power of treat decorating! They were mesmerized by the rainbow assortment of icings and jewel-toned sprinkles and toppings.


And the biggest hit of all… bunnies! Hailey had her own bunny petting zoo. This was one of the cutest things ever! The well-behaved bunnies hopped and cuddled to everyone’s delight.

ashley bunnyhailey bunnymandybunny

The girls then sat down for their tea lunch. Pink lemonade and our special Princess Tea was served. Mini fruit and veggie cups and assorted sandwiches in the shapes of butterflies, bunnies and teapots were on the menu. Not to mention the gourmet sandwiches and salads for the adults. Delish! After lunch, let’s just say there was no shortage of sweet treats. Candy in pretty dishes, tea cakes and French macarons on tiered tea trays, and more. And yes, we had birthday cake, too!



Kids love games, and Hailey requested Pin The Tail On The Bunny. We made the game board together, and used cotton balls and paper cutouts for the tails. This was a big hit… although I’m pretty sure some of the girls could see out of the blindfold, lol. As if there wasn’t enough sweetness, we also played a fun game with the girls where they had to try to eat donuts that were strung on a ribbon… Without using their hands. Whoever was able to finish their donut first on each team won.

pin the tail

After singing to the birthday girl, it was piñata time. Pinatas aren’t traditionally part of a tea party, but, Hailey loves loves loves pinatas. And this was an adorable teapot piñata with her name on it. The kids had a blast trying to open the giant teapot. The biggest surprise was the burst of colorful confetti that sprinkled onto the girls as the candy fell to the grass below. It was almost magical. The perfect ending to the perfect Bunny Tea Party. I wonder what she will come up with for next year!

cakecandlesface paint
Hair Confettifavors



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